Lose Baby Bulge With These 3 Flat Ab Moves

Lose Baby Bulge With These 3 Flat Ab Moves

If you are a new mom, then you must be wanting to lose the baby bulge after giving birth to your child. Most of the new mothers get so busy with their new born that it becomes very difficult to find time for workout to get rid of all that left-over fat after delivery.  Here is a easy solution for all those new mothers who are struggling to lose the baby bulge. Jessica Alba’s fitness trainer Ramona Braganza demonstrates how you can combat the baby bulge after pregnancy with 3 flat ab moves.

These are 3 most effective workouts which will help you to get into shape quickly after child birth. The best thing about these workouts is that you can easily do these exercises at home without requiring to use equipment. You can even do these workouts staying close to your new born baby. You should not have any excuse now!

The focus of all these three moves is your core. Each move takes only 1 minute to do so it will take only 3 minutes of your busy schedule with your baby. It will help you shed extra fat quickly.

First move is tabletop heel tap which you do for 1 minute. Second move is bridge which helps you lose tummy fat and put your organs back in place. You will do this one also for 1 minute. The third move is clams which help you to stabilize muscles and glutes. You perform it for 30 minutes on each side.

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Here is the video instructions by Jessica Alba’s personal fitness trainer Ramona Braganza to help you lose the baby bulge. Jessica Alba might also have used the same moves to lose weight after giving birth to her daughter.

Please do talk to your doctor before starting this workout as you should do with any other new workout or dieting program.

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