Top 5 Yoga Stretches for Office Workers

Top 5 Yoga Stretches for Office Workers

You may be taking a look at this article because you may be experiencing one of the following common office injuries: Muscle strain” Bursitis Carpal Tunnel syndrome or Tendinitis. If you haven’t experienced any of those then good for you and I hope you don’t experience them at any point in your working life. I wish you well but if you pro-actively plan a healthy life, chance of avoiding office related injuries is a lot higher.

A great way to keep you injury free is by doing basic yoga in the office. I’m not talking about bringing your yoga mats and yoga clothes. What I suggest is for you to do some of the simple yet very effective yoga positions and stretches for beginners in your office seat. As long as you have some space and the cooperation of your co-workers then you’ll be able to do it (just to make sure that you won’t be disturbing them). Another thing before doing this is to be careful that your chair doesn’t roll too much while doing these yoga stretches as we don’t want any injuries while doing these basic stretches. Here are my top 5 favorite office yoga stretches:

1 Wrist Stretches:

Lift your arm to make it parallel to the ground and have your other hand hold the fingers of the stretched arm. Slowly bend your wrist down until you feel a stretch. Hold for 4 to 6 seconds and relax. Now change the position of your hand so that your fingers point upward. Do the same to the other hand. Do this for three sets for each hand.

2 Shoulder Shrugs:

Put your hands at the side of your waist and breathe naturally through your nose while clearing your mind of anything. As you inhale lift your shoulders to your ears then exhale as you completely lower your shoulders. Do this 7-10 times and you may do shoulder rolls (forward and backward) after.

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3 Neck Side Bends:

While sitting or standing move your head towards your right shoulder. Try to let your ear touch your shoulder as you do this. Keep your shoulders down and steady. Hold for 3-4 seconds and do this on to the other side also. Three sets each will do.

4 Ankle Stretch:

While seated place your right knee on top of your left knee as if doing a crossed leg sit. Now move your ankles in a clockwise motion for 8-10 seconds and reverse after. Do this for three sets and do it to the other ankle.

5 Spine Stretch:

Sit at the edge of the seat (should be comfortable) and relax your arms at your side and take a deep breath. Slowly place your chin to your chest and bend forward one vertebra at a time to make a concave posture. Try to put your head between your legs and try to touch the floor while breathing slowly. Be sure that you are comfortable doing this. Get up slowly so as not to feel dizzy and relax and take deep breaths. Hold each position for 8 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.

If you do feel any pain doing these exercises please STOP immediately and consult your office nurse/health care provider.

This should help release tension in your whole body as we tackle the neck shoulders spine (back) ankles (legs) and arms. Hope you feel good and rejuvenated to be your best at your work right now. If ever you feel tired – just remember to breathe in and out. You’re doing great!

Top 5 Yoga Stretches for Office Workers To Prevent Injuries #Yoga

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