Top 5 Fatty Foods Which You Can Eat And Still Lose Weight

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I am trying to get rid of excessive fat stored in my body so that I lose weight and you are telling me to add fat to my diet if I want to lose weight. You must be kidding? Well not. You can actually add some good fats to your daily diet without effecting your weight loss goal.

Fats can help your body by improving metabolism, hormone production, and fat burning. The overall result is that you will lose weight by eating fat.

There are a plenty of fat sources you can include in your diet some on daily basis and some occasionally. You have the options to chose from different foods.

Here are top 5 fats you can add to your diet to lose weight and have healthy life style.

1. Avocado

Avocados are rich in fiber, mono-unsaturated fat and other nutrients such as vitamin E and folic acid. Avocados contain only 50 calories per serving of one oz. They are perfect choice for a healthy weight loss promoting diet with very low sugar levels.

Avocados also have high level of potassium to help build muscle, break down and use carbohydrates helping you to have leaner body and lose weight. In fact, healthy fats in avocados keep the LDL cholesterol checked.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the world’s most weight loss friendly fat.

 It contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful effects on metabolism. Coconut oil helps to speed up metabolism by up to 15 per cent.

Several studies show that just by adding coconut oil to your diet, you can lose fat, especially the “dangerous” fat in the abdominal cavity.

3 Salmon

Eat more fish. Eating fat in salmon which is high in omega-3 fatty acids as part of weekly meal plans has added benefits of lowering LDL cholesterol by 20 percent.

Tufts University scientists found that, in high enough quantities, the omega-3 fatty acids from fish chewed through cholesterol molecules in the bloodstream and shrank the size of remaining LDL particles by 12 percent.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a healthy monounsaturated fat your body can easily digest. You body recognizes it and knows exactly what to do with it and can assimilate and eliminate it efficiently.

Say goodbye to soybean oil, canola oil spray, cottonseed oil, or hydrogenated oils. Instead of using chemical laden bottled salad dressings, use simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar and have additional benefit of skinny stomach.

5. Flax Oil

Flax seeds provides fiber, that gives you feeling of fullness and offers other benefits for weight loss. It’s also one of the top sources of omega-3 fatty acids that can help your effort to drop excess pounds of body fat.

One spoon of ground flax seeds provides 2 grams of fiber. You can add flax seeds to your yogurt, bowl of oatmeal cereal or add it to a glass of smoothie. You can use the flax oil as salad dressing as well.

The other fats you may also try are nut butter, almond butter, and eggs yolks. The key to have all the benefits from these healthy fats is to use them moderately. If you use them rightly, you will be losing weight without worrying about counting calories.

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