Summer Abs Workout For Women

It is easier to workout and do various Abs in the cool seasons of the year but it is more challenging during the summer. This is owing to the hot weather which makes exercising not very conducive and more inconveniencing as one gets to sweat more. Below are some few tips of the various exercises that are conducive for women to try out in summer season.

#1 Crunches

There are different forms and types of crunches. The common ones are bicycle crunches, side oblique crunches, reverse crunches, left and right crunches, leg lift crunches, crunches on exercise balls, heel to toe crunches, vertical leg crunches, wall crunches etc. Each of this crunches will be treated in details in subsequent postings.

#2 Back extensions

Lie down flat on the floor or on an exercise mat, use your hand to support your head backwards and keep your legs fully extended. While in this position, lift up your upper body (otherwise called torso/chest/upper trunk) tilting it backwards and hold for as long as you can bear it. When tired, return to the starting position and start again.

#3 Ball plank

You will be needing a fitness ball to perform this. Lie down on your fitness ball and maintain a plank position. When this is done, keep your legs straight and maintain your toes on the floor while you support the rest of your body weight with your chests and forearm on the ball. Ensure you keep your fists loose while doing this.

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#4 Twisted V-seats

This helps to mostly exercise your abdomen. To perform it, clasp your hand together while you either sit on the floor or lie back. Then keep your knees bent with your feet and heels on the floor. For more effective results though, you should lift up your feet to a 90 degree angle while your knees are kept bent. You then rotate your upper and lower body simultaneously to opposite directions.

#5 Jump rope

This is a great cardiovascular exercise and it is good in the summer. Keep jumping the skipping rope on the balls of your feet while you move/rotate the ropes using only your wrists for as long as you can. When tired, take a short rest and start all over again.

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