How an Overweight Person Can Do Squats and Leg Press Safely?

Must Women Lose Weight Before Beginning Squats Leg Presses? The Leg Press and Squats Are Two Exercises Especially Challenging for a Woman Who are not used to it.

Squats and leg presses are two of the most beneficial exercises for a woman who wants to lose weight. Unfortunately, being overweight can hinder her from performing these exercises. I’m a certified personal trainer.

Some women just give up even before beginning. Others stick in there and figure out how to get it done safely. Then there are those who are better off waiting. In my years in the gym I have seen all cases. Which one are you?

When Women Must Lose Weight Before Doing Squats and Leg Press

There is nothing like the results that squats and the leg press can bring. Of the two squats happen to be one of my most favourite exercises both to do and to recommend.

As a trainer I’ve had overweight female clients who questioned their ability to perform a squat with a weighted bar across the top of their back. I started them out gradually having them get comfortable with body weight squats before adding the bar.

A woman (and man) can be too overweight to squat however. But we’re talking in this case severe obesity that clearly interferes with mobility.

How to Do Squats and Leg Press Safely When Overweight?

The thing about most overweight women who want to lose weight is that they lack the confidence that they can do the moves. Yes they can do squats. The uncomfortable feeling that results is their bodies getting into shape not further out of it.

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Squats can prove to be a pain in the knee hip and back if performed improperly. But again starting out with body weight only squats will enable a novice to grow comfortable with this compound exercise. The squat is actually a natural movement; young children and toddlers do it all the time.

Overweight women need to build up their confidence. They may be surprised at just how much they can actually do. The key to doing squat efficiently  is to start with as little weight as possibly and as your body gets used to it, up the effort– in the beginning, less is more. The squat works the buttocks front and back of the thigh even the abs!

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