Coffee Hair Treatment for Healthy Strong Hair at Home

There are a lot of benefits of coffee other than just perking you up in the morning. Above all, studies have proven that coffee can encourage hair growth at the same time as increasing their sparkle and adding depth to dark hair.

But then again, you wouldn’t be able to see this effect by just sipping a cup of coffee. Read onto learn how coffee can make your hair glow.

1. Brew a strong pot of coffee 

A regular cup of coffee makes use of 2 tablespoons (2 scoops of a coffee measure or 7-9 g) of grounds per cup, which makes use of approximately 6 oz. (178 ml) of water. To make the coffee more strong, add extra 1-2 tablespoons of grounds. For a pot the same as 8 cups of coffee, use 48 oz (1.5 L) of water and 18-20 tablespoons (80g) of grounds.

2. Shampoo your hair as normal, rinsing well 

Ensure that you have totally rinsed out the shampoo. Use your hands to gradually squeeze out any leftover water from your hair—it doesn’t have to be entirely, dry but at the same time, it should not be dripping wet.

3. Standing in the bathtub, pour cold coffee through your hair, starting at the roots

If you want the treatment to be systematic, use a large bowl or bucket to catch the coffee drippings as you dispense it through your hair. Then pour the drippings back from end to end of your hair a second time.

4. Brew a pot of coffee using about 8 tablespoons (or 30-35g) of coffee grounds

What you only need is a handful of grounds, so this should give you an adequate amount to work with. You can add more or less if you want to, based on what you think you’ll need. Coffee grounds will definitely get in your hair, so if you have light-colored hair, you may want to find another method to make your hair glow.

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5. Place a coffee filter or cheesecloth over your drain

You don’t want the coffee grounds to go down the drain–they can mess up your drainage pipes and get in the trash. A filter will get a hold of the grounds before they get into the pipes, and when you are done with your treatment, you can throw them in the garbage

6. Massage a handful of cooled coffee grounds into wet hair

Work the grounds into your hair, rubbing it into your scalp and crumpling it into lengthier locks. The uneven grounds will exfoliate your scalp, which arouses your hair cavities and can kick-start hair growth. If you want to make the coffee undergrowth portion of your regular priming routine, dry out the grounds and then add them to your shampoo, conditioner or hair oil.

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