7 Dumbbell Moves To Get You Into Shape Fast!

7 Dumbbell Moves To Get Into Shape Fast!

You do not have to go to gym to perform these 7 upper body moves for a fierce upper-body workout. And you can do it just about anywhere with some sets of dumbbells. You can perform these upper body workouts without spending several hundred dollars for a gym membership or investing in a exercising equipment. Result will be a toned and strong body and you will burning calories too.

Upper body workout includes moves which will help you to have strong and toned arms, shoulders and legs. It will also tighten you core and give your booty a lift. You will love your body after doing this workout. If you have not tried workout that involves dumbbells, then it is time to start using them.

Dumbbells help you workout both right and left sides of your body independently. You will be engaging multiple muscles while doing these exercises. You require a wide range of dumbbells from 5-15kg for these workouts and an exercising mat.

If you are the beginner like me, then only one set of these 7 upper body dumbbell moves is good starting point. Later you can do repeat the sets 2-3 times. You must not forget to chose dumbbell weight with which you feel comfortable with.

7 Upper Body Dumbbell Moves

  1. Goblet Squat (10 Rep)
  2. Plank Row (10 Rep each side)
  3. Deadlift (10 Rep)
  4. Single Arm Shoulder Press (10 Rep Each side)
  5. Sumo Squat Concentration Curl (10 Rep Each side)
  6. Dumbbell Twist (10 Rep)
  7. Calf Raises (10 Rep)

The following video has the instructions for these workouts by fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese. Watch the video, start workout and get prepared for these summer vacations on a beach in your favorite bikini.

You should also consider this body detox drink that also works when you are sleeping to melt body fat for some additional support. Lets start workout and have some fun!

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