5 Minute Butt Workout For Tighter Butt For Women Over 40

5 Minute Butt Workout For Tighter Butt For Women Over 40

Even though you don’t have time for an entire strength training routine, this fast and ferocious workout will have your muscles screaming in less than 5 minutes. You can use these workouts at the end of another longer routine, as a burnout round finale, or you can do it several times in a row, or several times in a day. This is a great option if you have a very busy work/life schedule but hate missing out on some kind of physical activity in your day. Yes, it’s just five minutes, but five minutes is far superior to zero minutes, and in the end, even this small amount of exercise can be enough to make slow and steady changes to your body and vast, immediate changes in your mood.

Try to push yourself and do the best you can to push through the burn, but also listen to your body. It’s a careful balance and takes some time to learn but with practice you will become familiar with your body’s signals and become comfortable knowing when it’s safe and necessary to keep pushing yourself, and when you should stop and respect your body’s messages.

Using this workout to get a round, lifted, bigger butt

This workout can be used to get a bigger butt and toned thighs in little or no time. Honestly, in terms of squats for a bigger butt, you will get far better results with this quick mixture of squats than you will with hundreds of repetitions of the same squats as found in the many “squat challenges” that are passed around online, due to the differences and the plyometric features found in this routine. Adding weights will make this workout a lot more difficult and more effective.

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How often can I do this work out?

You can do this workout 1-5 times through, and you can spread those rounds all throughout the day. We recommend keeping the number of days you do this routine down to around three, in order to allow your muscles a day of rest in-between workouts.

3. Schedule

(40 Seconds on, 5 seconds off for each)

  • Ski Squats
  • Sumo Squats
  • Pop Squats
  • Static Squats
  • Pulse Squats
  • Jump Squats

Make sure that you go running often which provides the cardio element with this butt and thigh workout.

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