4 Easy Workout Ideas For Couples To Build Intimacy

4 Easy Workout Ideas for Couples to Build Intimacy

Workout and Love go hand in hand. More and more couple are starting to use the time wisely to not only be together but to do things, which kill two birds with the same stone.  Spend time together and burn calories.  The best way to do this is to look at exercising from perspective of bonding. Think about it, in the early days of your relationship – how much time did you guys spend together?  I bet, if you are like most people – the honeymoon period of relationship you planned things, went places and enjoyed life. Now that you are in a long term relationship, things should not be any different.

Living a healthy lifestyle means some sort exercise. It’s always easier to exercise with your partner” but it doesn’t have to be a strictly regimented boring workout program. It’s easy to get some light exercise that will raise your heart rate and get your metabolism going with fun activities that you and your significant other can do together.

1. Go to a park and throw a Frisbee

Simply tossing a Frisbee back and forth is a fun and relaxing way to start moving around. Start about 20 feet from each other and gradually increase the distance as you continue to pass the Frisbee back a forth. As you get farther away you may need to do a bit of light running or jogging. Try not to pause too long between the time you catch the disc and when you toss it back to your partner. My wife and I did this a few days ago at a local park and we felt like we got a surprisingly good workout while having a great time!

2. Take a Brisk Walk

Try to walk about 2 miles or 30 minutes at brisk pace. Don’t go too fast; you should be able to talk comfortable and maintain a conversation the entire time you’re walking. This is a great way to get some exercise in and fill each other in on the day’s events. Make your walk a weekly ritual along with some other light exercise ” and you’ll begin to see the benefits!

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3. Play a game or two of ping pong

Believe it or not” ” you can burn calories while playing ping pong! If you’re not the competitive types” just try and see how long you can maintain a volley. My wife and I enjoy playing about two games of ping pong along with this next idea for a full hour of light activity.

4. Go Bowling

With only two people bowling can be a relatively fast-paced game that requires brisk controlled movement. Not only will it give you great practice for the next time you’re out with friends but if you make a conscience effort to bowl quickly it’ll get your heart rate up in no time! You should be able to play up to two games with two people in half an hour.

These ideas may sound like they’re too easy to do any good but when it comes to your health every bit of exercise matters and counts! My wife and I do these fun and light exercises (along with some others) about every other day. Combined with a sensible diet we’ve seen great results in how we feel and look!If you and your significant other feel like exercising but you don’t want to hit the gym or be bored on treadmill try these ideas out!

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