4 Best Workouts for Toned Thighs

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Some of my friends naturally have very nice toned thighs whereas I have to workout keep my thighs in good shape. The thighs are a very large muscle group and combined with the lower back, they constitute 50% of the total muscles in the body. I have tried a number of exercises  and found these 4 workouts are very effective. You have to try these if you want to have perfectly shaped thighs.

The thighs are broadly divided into two parts, the hamstring and quadriceps. The quadriceps form the anterior part of the upper legs and the hamstring form the posterior part. It is important that both of these muscles are targeted for maximum growth. Try some of the following exercises to help give your legs a toned athletic look.

1. Touch your toes

This may seem relatively straightforward but one cannot stress the importance of a good stretched muscle enough. Stand up straight and try to touch your toes without bending your knees and try to prevent your back from curving.

You will feel your hamstring stretch along with your glutes and the sensation will travel all the way to your lower back.

It is important to stretch this muscle because it is not used often unless you are a hiking enthusiast. The excess blood that reaches the muscle when you stretch, will help it grow.

2. Squat

You cannot train your legs if you avoid squatting. Make sure that your knees never go ahead of your toes and that your lower back remain straight at all times and you will soon feel the burn in your quadriceps and hamstring.

It is a great compound exercise that targets all of the muscle groups in the legs as well as the lower back and the abs.

3. Lunge

Stand with your feet slightly apart and then extend one leg ahead in the form of a stride and bend the back leg leaning forward.

Push back with your leading leg and then repeat the motion with the other leg.

Make sure to not let the leading leg’s knee go ahead of the toes as this puts an unnecessary strain on the knee joint.

4. Box Jumps

You can use a slightly raised platform for this exercise of a sturdy stool. Stand about half a foot away from the platform and then jump on to it starting from a squatting position as you explode forward.

Start with low heights before you move to a more advanced level. This exercise targets the hamstring and the glutes primarily and the quadriceps and the calves to a certain extent as well.

The above combination will turn your legs into jelly immediately after the workout but it is totally worthwhile if you’re looking for that trained athletic look.

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