3 Best Rope Workouts to Burn Fat Faster

3 Best Rope Workouts to Burn Fat Faster #workout #fitness #weightloss

Rope workout is perfect option for all those who don’t have time to go to gym or avoid using weights.  Many of us did use rope jumping during our school days when we had nothing else to do.  Jumping rope was not only fun but good to keep us engaged in physical activities. You must be thinking by now that rope workout is for kids why we should even bother to consider it?  You are wrong here. Rope workouts can help you to burn fat fast and strengthen your body.

There are a number of workouts that you can do with ropes. Rope workouts melt the extra pounds of fat on your body much faster than many other physical activities in shorter period of time. The level of your total body strength and endurance will also increase with these rope workouts.

1. Jumping  Rope

Jumping rope is low impact workout that will burn 1oo calories in just under 10 minutes. When done properly it is not hard on your knees as most people would believe.  You can start with short duration to longer times gradually. There are number of variations of jumping rope which you can try to make it fun.

2. Rope Climbing

Rope climbing is excellent workout to strengthen the upper body and develop strong hand grip. It is quite simple workout but you must have certain level of physical fitness before you can try it. You will using your hands and feet to climb the rope in the beginning.  Once you have physical strength and experience of rope climbing, then you can challenge yourself by climbing faster or climbing rope with your hands only.

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3. Battle Rope

Battle rope will work your entire body particularly core, shoulders and arms. You are not just simply making waves, you are burning fat and sculpturing your body.  A study has found that 10 minutes battle rope routine can burn 112 calories.  A 50 feet long battle rope weighs 25 to 50 pounds depending on its thickness.

3 Best Rope Workouts to Burn Fat Faster #workout #fitness #weightloss

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