10 Minutes Intense Sixpack Workout Without Weights

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Who does not want a flat belly and toned body? Majority of us do have the excuse of not finding time to workout. The truth is if we just skip surfing internet, chatting with our friends or connecting with our friends for just 10 minutes in a day, it is possible to not only have flat tummy but also toned body. You do not have to go outside of your home to do the workout. You do not even need weights or any other equipment to exercise.

All you need is commitment of 10 minutes in a 24 hours day and only for 3 days out of 7 days in a week. You must be thinking it is a joke. How can I have slim body just working out for 10 minutes without any weights or equipment?  You are not alone who thinks like that.

The exercises you will be performing during this 10 minutes will target your belly but at the same times you will be working out engaging all muscles of your body.

These workouts will increase the rate at which your body burn fat. You will feel more energetic after the exercises and trust me live a better life.

You must try and see for yourself that this 10 minutes workout will transform your body within few months.

Here is a full length video instructions for 10 minutes workout by Pamela Reif.

All you have to do is play the video and follow her moves. Trust me it is intense workout to help you have a smaller waist in short period of time. There is no rest between moves and each move is 30 seconds long.

You should have no more excuses to do this workout as you can do it at home, and do not need any weights or equipment.

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