10 Best Tips to Lose Weight Without a Personal Trainer

10 Best Tips to Lose Weight Without a Personal Trainer

Do you need a personal trainer to achieve your goal of weight loss? The truth is that having a personal weight loss trainer will help push you to do better, and stay dedicated. However, if you learn to stay focused and committed to your weight loss goal, then you should be able to lose weight without hiring a personal trainer.

Your main objective here is to have a long term plan to lose weight and then stick to it. The difference between you and a personal trainer is, they will do what it takes to get to the weight loss goal they set for you.

You can be your own trainer, here are the best steps lose weight without requiring a personal trainer.

1. Consistently Track Your Food Intake

This is how you know the number of calories you consume in a day. When you write every food you consume in a day, you are able to count all daily calories intake. Writing it down and evaluating it daily will tell you whether you are getting better or worse.

It would show you your eating habits and how to find ways to improve it. If you feel comfortable to share your food diary with someone else, then it is indication that you are on right track. If it is opposite to that, then you know you make to changes to your diet plan to bring yourself to right track.

Having a food diary will help show you where your strength and weakness are and how to improve on them.

Also try to consume more foods which will boost your metabolism so that you lose weight fast.

2. Circle of Support for Weight Loss

They are your family and friends. You should tell them about your weight loss goal, especially those at home, who will help you eat the right food. They will also help you stay on track.

There are times, you will encounter setbacks, these are the people that will help motivate you to rise up and try again.

3. Find an Exercise Buddy

Experts agree on this and even states that it is a must. This means that you will have accountability to someone else other than yourself.

If you have a workout plan with a friend, you are unlikely to break this commitment than when you are alone.

4. Exercise Schedule

Every one tend to get busy at times and for most people, almost all the time except when they are sleeping. In order to be dedicated to this plan, one needs to set a timetable on when to exercise.

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According to your schedule, make out time where you can exercise 3 times in a day. As soon as you can wake up, or right after breakfast or during lunch break etc.

5. Check Your Diet to Lose Weight

Set a meal plan of what you will eat during the day , week or a month and stick to it. Remember you are watching your calorie intake, anything exceeding 2500 calories in one meal should be avoided, that is what you should get in a full meal or less.

Avoid unhealthy carbohydrates, go for greens and vegetables and plenty of fruits. Implement smoothies and detox methods too. Research and read more about this, to help you plan well.

It will also help stop hunger pangs during the day that will prevent you from overeating.

6. Prepare Your Meals

When you cook your own food, you are more likely to be conscious of what you are eating. You know what exactly you you are putting in the meal than ordering food outside because it is quick to get and full of ingredients that will add more calories to the body.

Instead of eating burgers or those fat filled meals opt for vegetable dishes, research about them and learn how to make them, there are many videos to help you on that level.

7. Monitor your Weight Regularly

This is to regulate your progress and to keep you on track when you find your weight deteriorating.

It also serves as a motivational tool to help you work harder to lose more weight when you see improvements.

8. Avoid Sugary Foods

Except they are from nature’s produce, eliminate every sugar drinks, foods, etc. from your meals.

It is best avoided as they contribute to weight gain since sugar adds up as fat.

9. Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is not recommended if you are trying to lose weight. Alcohol will add calories but have no nutrients. If you can’t give up entirely, cut back as much as possible.

10. Be Consistent

This will be the difference between why you need a trainer or not. If you are consistent, nothing would stop you achieving your goal of weight loss and having a healthy life.

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